Potencia tu aplicación con SharePoint Embedde

Enable SharePoint Embedded: Innovation in Document Storage

Enable SharePoint Embedded, an API solution designed to allow developers to easily integrate document storage into any application. Leveraging the robustness and flexibility of Microsoft 365. By eliminating the need to build your own infrastructure, this powerful API offers an efficient way to manage documents and files in multi-user applications.

This solution creates a unique storage partition within the consumer’s Microsoft 365 tenant. Thus, the proprietary application has access to the documents. Additionally, it introduces a new entity called “File Storage Container” or simply “Container,” which abstracts document storage from the traditional structure of SharePoint sites and libraries.

Advantages of sharepoint embedded

  1. Security and Compliance: It inherits the robust security and compliance features of Microsoft 365, including data encryption, data loss prevention, sensitivity labeling, and record retention. Developers can control access to documents through roles and permissions, and audit operations performed on containers and documents.
  2. Scalability and Performance: By being integrated with the Microsoft cloud, SharePoint Embedded benefits from the scalability and performance offered by Microsoft’s infrastructure, ensuring high availability and low latency in accessing documents. Furthermore, developers can optimize resource usage and storage costs by configuring size limits and lifecycle policies for containers and documents.
  3. User Experience: Users can access documents from any device and application and can sync with OneDrive. Additionally, they have access to the collaboration and co-authoring capabilities of Office Online and Teams, as well as document search, preview, conversion, and analysis features.
  4. Cost and Simplicity: It eliminates the need to create and maintain your own storage infrastructure, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of applications. Furthermore, it simplifies the development and management of applications by providing a single, consistent API for accessing documents.

how Sharepoint embedded works?

SharePoint Embedded is based on the architecture of Microsoft 365, composed of three main layers: identity, service, and data.

  • Identity: It uses Azure Active Directory (AAD) as the identity provider to authenticate and authorize users and applications. Applications must be registered in AAD and request specific application permission for SharePoint Embedded.
  • Service: It employs SharePoint Online as the service platform, exposing a SharePoint Embedded API for container management and a SharePoint or Graph API for document access.
  • Data: It utilizes SharePoint Online storage as the data platform, creating a storage partition within the consumer’s Microsoft 365 tenant, where only the proprietary application can access the documents.

Getting started with sharepoint embredded

To start using SharePoint Embedded, developers should follow these steps:

  1. Create an application registered in Azure Active Directory representing the proprietary application for the documents.
  2. Request an application permission for SharePoint Embedded in the Azure portal.
  3. Obtain an access token for the application using the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow.
  4. Call the SharePoint Embedded API to create, read, update, and delete containers and documents.


SharePoint Embedded represents an innovative solution that allows application developers to easily integrate document and file storage into any application, leveraging the robustness and flexibility of the Microsoft 365 platform. By eliminating the need for proprietary infrastructure and offering benefits such as security, scalability, and enhanced user experience, SharePoint Embedded positions itself as a valuable tool in the development of modern and efficient applications.

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Thelma Owusu – Functional Consultant at Itequia