Microsoft Ignite 2023

Itequia at Microsoft Ignite: Discover the latest update

At Itequia, we’ve had the opportunity to attend Microsoft Ignite, the annual conference for developers and IT professionals organized by Microsoft. This is where the latest technology and innovation updates are presented. Through this article, we aim to highlight and bring closer what we consider most relevant for the day-to-day needs of our clients.

Copilot Updates: Extending the Experience with Microsoft

Several updates have been introduced regarding Copilot, making the tool even more powerful and versatile. Here are some of the highlights:

Introducing Microsoft Copilot Studio: the Tool That Expands Copilot to All Your Data Sources

At the Microsoft Ignite event, the new Microsoft Copilot Studio was unveiled. This tool allows you to customize and extend Microsoft Copilot by integrating specific data and scenarios from your organization. With Copilot Studio, you can create tailored Copilots for internal or external use, connecting them to various data sources. This enables asking any desired questions and obtaining the best answers using data from all your connected sources.

Enterprise Bing Search is Now Copilot: Simplifying User Experience

It’s also been announced that Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise, their AI-based virtual assistants, will now be simply called Copilot. The aim is to streamline the user experience and make Copilot accessible to everyone.

Microsoft Copilot for Service: Intelligent Customer Support

Microsoft has also introduced Microsoft Copilot for Service. A new customer support service that allows users to quickly and satisfactorily resolve their queries, problems, and requests. This tool relies on Copilot’s artificial intelligence to provide intelligent customer support. It communicates with users via chat, voice, or video, offering tailored solutions, recommendations, and advice. It also provides the option to escalate the case to a human agent if necessary.

Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides: Enhancing Learning

Also arriving is the Copilot assisting frontline workers, enabling them to efficiently perform complex tasks and troubleshoot faster without disrupting workflow. Available on HoloLens 2, this hands-free Copilot uses natural language and human gestures to provide interactive guidance.

Microsoft Copilot Studio_Microsoft Ignite_Itequia

SharePoint Premium: Faster, Secure, and Smarter

The evolution of SharePoint offers more efficient and personalized content management. This enhanced version leverages AI to deliver dynamic and relevant content to users, facilitating collaboration and information sharing among organization members. Additionally, it incorporates new capabilities for content, process, and experience automation, security, and governance.

Electronic signature with eSignature

Starting in early 2024, a new digital signature tool will be introduced. It will provide a fast, secure, and easy signing experience, enabling not only electronic signatures but also identity verification and monitoring of signature status and history. It can integrate with third-party services like Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign.

SharePoint Hub: Resolving Collaboration with External Teams

SharePoint Hub has been announced, a new feature allowing the creation of a secure and customizable external access interface. Through this, we can securely share information and documents with external stakeholders without the need to create guest accounts or share access links.

AI-powered Auto-Classification

Another highlighted feature is the ability to automatically classify documents, images, videos, and other files using AI. It analyzes and assigns tags, categories, and metadata, simplifying their organization and access. All this is done while maintaining information privacy and security. Ensuring security and structure to content is the best way to optimize workflows and enhance the experience with AI, such as Copilot.

sharepoint-esignature-3-Microsoft Ignite_Itequia


Microsoft 365 Backup introduces a new storage architecture for data backup and protection within Microsoft 365. This intelligent solution automatically backs up data to the cloud and local devices, ensuring information integrity against potential losses or attacks. It’s also integratable with third-party providers.

MICROSOFT FABRIC: Now Available for All (GA)

Microsoft has also announced the General Availability (GA) of Microsoft Fabric. You can now easily and securely connect all your data and services on a single platform without the need for different providers or tools. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Fabric in detail, we invite you to read our article ‘Microsoft fabric: a new paradigm in how we work with data’

AZURE AI: Adding More Value for Developers

Unlocking more value for developers with Azure AI is what Microsoft announced at Ignite 2023. They’re expanding options and flexibility in generative artificial intelligence models. Some of these include:


One of the features announced is Model-as-a-Service, a service allowing developers to easily integrate the latest AI models into their applications using API endpoints.

Azure AI Studio.  

They’ve also introduced the preliminary version of Azure AI Studio, a new unified and reliable platform aiding organizations in exploring, creating, testing, and deploying AI applications more easily, all in one place.

Vector Search.  

A feature of Azure AI Search already available in general, enabling the generation of highly precise experiences for each user in your generative AI applications by using vectors to represent and compare content and queries.

Azure AI-vector-search-architecture-diagram-3-high-res - Microsoft Ignite - Itequia

Itequia: Supporting You in the New Era of Microsoft

It has been a great experience being present at Microsoft Ignite 2023 and updating our knowledge with the latest updates.

We hope this summary is both interesting and useful for you. If you desire more details about what was presented at Ignite 2023, we invite you to visit the official website or review the recorded sessions.

Additionally, we take this opportunity to inform you that at Itequia, we offer a comprehensive Copilot preparation service. Don’t wait any longer and contact us for the imminent arrival of Microsoft Copilot in Europe.

Itequia Team