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Itequia Talent: 15 years of experience in IT talent selection, now available for our clients.

Itequia is a company with over 15 years of experience in providing innovative and high-quality technology services. Throughout our journey, we have recruited and retained highly qualified professionals with extensive technological knowledge and teamwork capabilities.

Over the years, our human resources department has developed effective techniques and strategies for identifying and managing IT talent. Thanks to Itequia’s strong performance and our clients’ satisfaction, we have decided to share this knowledge with the market.

This led to the birth of Itequia Talent, our new division specialized in attracting and retaining technological talent.

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What Itequia Talent Offers

Itequia Talent stands out for its solid approach and experience in IT talent selection. Below, we outline the three pillars that underpin our value proposition:

Over 15 Years of Experience in IT Talent Selection and Retention

The IT market is unique, driven by high demand for professionals that surpasses the supply, and the complexity of evaluating the specific skills of each candidate.

Our services incorporate all the knowledge we have gained over the years at Itequia. We possess a deep understanding of how to identify candidates and utilize various techniques and tools to satisfactorily select individuals who best fit each position.

From Human Resources to Human Resources

Our team responsible for the selection processes is Itequia’s in-house Human Resources team. This broad perspective enables us to approach selection not just from the perspective of “hiring a person” but also considering the strategic implications of this acquisition.

Additionally, it enhances communication with our clients, allowing us to share relevant information quickly and anticipate future needs.

Technical Team of Experts in Various IT Disciplines to Support Processes

When assessing technical professionals with expertise in different IT areas, it’s crucial to avoid superficial evaluations. Our selection team has access to tools that provide knowledge metrics. For cases requiring additional validation, we have the full support of our developers, architects, and consultants at Itequia who can participate and assist in the final evaluation.

Your Ally in the Search and Retention of Technology Professionals

At Itequia Talent, we understand that each company has unique needs and objectives when it comes to finding and retaining technology talent.

Our primary service is “Deep Research”. A tailored solution that includes onboarding, comprehensive psychological and aptitude analysis, flexible initial fees, and “Try & Hire” flexibility for long-term evaluations. We focus on finding the perfect candidate to meet your specific needs.

For situations where you need to quickly onboard highly qualified professionals, we recommend our “Quick Research” service. This solution is effective, particularly when the urgency to fill a position outweighs the risk of not selecting the ideal candidate on the first attempt.

If you already have a technical team, we offer “Talent Management” to enhance their engagement and satisfaction. This solution helps improve your team’s commitment to the organization, identify strengths, and areas for improvement. We offer this service through semi-annual contracts, applying best practices and tools.

Ensure Your Business Success with Itequia Talent

Itequia Talent is ready to be your partner in technology talent management. With our experience, commitment, and services, we transform how companies find and retain the best IT professionals.

Contact us today and discover how Itequia Talent can be your ally in achieving technological sucess.

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