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Security in the IT systems of SMEs is becoming an important focus of attention. In fact, 82% of ransomware attacks are suffered by SMEs. These attacks are estimated to cost $2.4 trillion worldwide (as of 2021) and fall into these categories:

Seguridad Pymes con Microsoft

These figures are mainly due to the insufficient protection of SMEs. Until now, all the protection alternatives available to them were either too expensive or too complex (or both).

But this is changing. In this article we would like to explain the alternatives that Microsoft offers us to deal with this kind of problems in SMEs. All thanks to Microsoft 365 Premium and Microsoft Defender for Business.


One of Microsoft’s commitments is to make innovation in enterprise security available to SMEs, given its strong principle of ‘security for all’.

To this end, it offers two affordable and easy-to-use solutions:

  • Microsoft Defender for Business: provides security for our endpoints and helps protect us from ransomware attacks and other types of cyber threats.
  • Microsoft 365 Premium, on the other hand, comprehensively unifies the security and collaborative work suite. It includes Defender for Business integrated with email protection, device management (MDM, MAM) and, of course, data protection.


Most SMEs rely on a single layer of protection, such as antivirus. But in today’s cybersecurity and cyber-attack scenario, this layer is neither sufficient nor adequate. It would be the equivalent of putting a padlock on our house so that we cannot be broken into. We are left vulnerable to unknown threats, malicious websites and targeted attacks.

This is exactly where Defender for Business comes in, covering the system to track and fix threats and vulnerabilities that are fully manageable:

  1. Defender Antivirus: a new generation that not only protects against known threats, but also identifies and protects against new threats.
  2. Post-breach technologies such as: Endpoint Detection and Response, AI powered Automated Investigation and Remediation and Automatic Attack Disruption.

All of these are tools designed to detect and respond to threats. Following the example of the padlock at home, we have now put in place security cameras and alarms that will detect, alert and respond to malicious activity taking place.

Seguridad para PYMES

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, in addition to the full Microsoft Office and collaboration suite, we will have a comprehensive security suite for SMBs with:

  • Identity and access protection using Microsoft Entra ID Plan 1.
  • Endpoint security with Defender for Business.
  • Protection of email, Teams and OneDrive using Defender for Office 365.
  • Information Protection in Azure.
  • Device management (MAM, MDM) with Microsoft Intune.
Seguridad para PYMES


Microsoft recently announced the expansion of Automatic Attack Disruption capabilities in Defender for Business. This helps stop human-operated attacks within Microsoft 365 Premium or independently in Defender for Business.

This is a unique and industry-first capability in Defender for Business and Defender for EndPoints. This feature protects customers against human-operated ransomware attacks. It involves containing compromised users on devices. In this way, attackers are overpowered before they have a chance to act maliciously or move laterally.

Once devices are integrated into Defender for Business, this capability is enabled by default. As such, no action is required by customers to activate it.

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which often lack access to sophisticated security solutions or expertise, this ‘enable by default’ capability helps keep us protected against the latest threats, while we can focus on running the business.

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It is common knowledge that cyber-attacks and cyber-security are becoming more and more important with each passing day. At Microsoft, they are constantly coming up with new solutions and tools to help us protect ourselves. In this case, let’s keep in mind the main ideas we have reviewed in this article:

  • The importance of security for SMEs. Because SMBs are the target of 82% of ransomware attacks.
  • Microsoft’s security solutions for SMBs: Microsoft Defender for Business, which provides endpoint security and cyber threat prevention, and Microsoft 365 Premium, which integrates Defender for Business with other email, data and device protection tools.
  • The benefits of Defender for Business: a next-generation antivirus that not only detects known threats, but also identifies and blocks new threats.
  • Microsoft’s innovation in automatic attack disruption. A unique, industry-first feature that protects customers from human-operated ransomware attacks by isolating compromised users and devices before attackers can act maliciously.

We will keep an eye on all developments in protection, which are becoming more affordable and less complex.

Oriol Fernández – Product Owner at Itequia