Nuevo Outlook 2024

New Outlook 2024: Features and Updates

Discover the latest improvements and innovations that Microsoft has announced for Outlook in 2024. With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has implemented significant enhancements to its operating system and native applications.

In this article, we will present all the expected features and improvements in this new Outlook. Furthermore, we will explore how these enhancements can help you become more productive in your daily life.

Outlook integrated in Windows 11

Almost two years ago, Microsoft launched Windows 11. This release brought a series of improvements to its operating system and native applications.

Recently, Microsoft has announced a planned integration for 2024. The calendar and email applications will be integrated into the Outlook version for Windows. This version will become the default mailbox application and will be available for free to users who acquire a new device with Windows 11. For those who already have existing devices, they can transition to the new Outlook through the app settings.

The Mail and Calendar apps will remain available for download on the Microsoft Store until the end of 2024.

With this update, Microsoft promises a smoother and more efficient user experience in Outlook.

What does this new Outlook offer?

One of the most striking features of Outlook is the ability to sign in with Gmail, Yahoo!, and iCloud email accounts. Additionally, it also offers the ability to connect with mailboxes via IMAP. This functionality expands integration options and allows for a more comprehensive management of email accounts.

Nuevo outlook 2024-accounts

In addition to the possibility of adding third-party accounts, Outlook is implementing improvements in email writing and management. These enhancements aim to make the experience easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Some of these new improvements include:

  • Microsoft Editor: You will receive comprehensive editing and spelling suggestions, and even autocomplete options.
  • Sending Surveys: You will be able to send surveys in your emails. Currently, this feature will only be available for work and school accounts.
  • Email Delay Sending: You will have the option to change the email delay sending settings. This will allow you to set a delay of up to 10 seconds, giving you the opportunity to undo the sending in case you forgot to attach a file or add someone as a recipient.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business: You will be able to join a call directly from Outlook.
  • Pinning Important Emails: You will be able to pin important emails to the top of your inbox.

Try out some of these features of the new Outlook now!

You can now test an initial version of Outlook that allows you to sign in with Gmail. Current Outlook users can try the new version by toggling the “Try the new Outlook” switch in the top right corner of the classic version. You can switch back to the classic version at any time.

Nuevo outlook 2024-trial
Nuevo outlook 2024-accounts_setup

By following the steps and setting up the new Outlook, you will have a view like this:

Nuevo outlook 2024-new layout

Productivity and Organization Improvements

In the Outlook sidebar, you will find several additional functionalities. One of them is the integration with the Calendar, which will enable you to synchronize your Google calendar. Additionally, you can add shared calendars, manage time zones, and view daily weather information in the Calendar view.

Moreover, you will have direct access to various productivity applications and tools. These include To Do Planner, Yammer, Bookings, and OneDrive. You can also easily access applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. With all these integrated tools, you will have quick and convenient access to all the tools you use daily.

Nuevo outlook 2024-new apps

In addition to all these new features, Outlook includes several characteristics that will help you maintain better organization:

  • Flight tracking and package tracking directly from the inbox.
  • Reminders for responding to pending messages.
  • An easier and faster search function.
  • Email view customization and density options.

All these new features can be tested right away. However, more visual updates and customization options are being developed to suit each user’s preferences.

Microsoft continues to work on visual improvements and customization options to provide you with a unique experience tailored to your needs. There are promises of greater compatibility with the native ICS file format and improvements in the appearance of the calendar.

Outlook 2024 offers improvements for a more comprehensive and efficient experience in managing emails and calendars. Take advantage of all these new features and stay informed about future updates for an even more enriching experience.

If you want more information about the features and improvements of the new Outlook 2024, or if you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you and provide you with the information you need.

Jessyca Souza – Product Owner at Itequia