Unlocking the Potential of Microsoft Copilots

On December 14, 2023, we conducted a webinar titled “Unlocking the Potential of Microsoft Copilots.” You can watch the recording here (In Spanish).

During the webinar, we delved into the highly relevant topic of Artificial Intelligence from a tangible perspective. Microsoft is launching Artificial Intelligence products called Copilots, particularly in the wake of its investment in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

Generative AI

The concept of Artificial Intelligence emerged around 1950 with the advent of the first digital computer. This milestone sparked the interest of scientists and researchers with the goal of creating Artificial Intelligence. In the initial stages, challenges were significant, mainly due to limited processing power and insufficient investment.

In the next decade, developers created the first natural language processing program. ELIZA, probably the first chatbot created in 1966, simulated conversations with a therapist. This marked the beginning of increased interest and investments in Artificial Intelligence.

The significant evolutionary leap began in 2010 with the advent of Cloud infrastructures, marking the point when companies like OpenAI were able to develop their Artificial Intelligence algorithm called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) based on artificial neural networks.

Desbloqueando el potencial de los Microsoft Copilot_IA Generativa evolucion_Itequia_Eng

From this point onward, applications like ChatGPT emerged, becoming widely known and revolutionizing the field by bringing Artificial Intelligence to the masses for the first time. This application allows users to engage in free-form conversations and make various types of inquiries. Moreover, models such as Dall-E are designed to generate images, internally powered by the same Artificial Intelligence algorithms utilized by ChatGPT, including GPT3, GPT3 Turbo, and GPT4, with the latter being the latest and most advanced version.

Currently, we have Artificial Intelligence systems equipped with information collected from the internet and specialized in more precise functions. This enables the generation of written, visual, and auditory content based on instructions or pre-existing data.

Microsoft in AI

Thanks to its alliance, Microsoft has integrated OpenAI’s most advanced algorithms into all its products for the professional realm.

Desbloqueando el potencial de los Microsoft Copilot_Microsoft en la IA_Itequia

Microsoft launched its first product, Bing Chat Enterprise (renamed Microsoft Copilot from December 1, 2023), and additionally released specific Copilots for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 applications.

Simply put, Microsoft’s internet-connected version of ChatGPT is Copilot.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot, our Artificial Intelligence companion, streamlines daily tasks, providing numerous possibilities to save time significantly.

We are accustomed to searching the internet using keywords and obtaining pages of links. Now, we can chat in a conversational language to obtain detailed and personalized answers from the internet:

Desbloqueando el potencial de los Microsoft Copilot_Microsoft Copilot_Itequia_Eng

We can obtain answers that connect data or receive new responses that have not been written before. That’s why people often refer to Artificial Intelligence chat as “generative Artificial Intelligence”: it produces responses instead of links.

Chat is the new way to “search the internet.” In short, AI chat provides personalized answers.

Start with Microsoft Copilot

To start using Microsoft Copilot, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Microsoft Copilot at the Microsoft tenant level.
  2. Log in with a professional account.
  3. Navigate to www.Bing.com/chat in your preferred browser (compatible with Chrome and Edge).
  4. Ensure you access it with a professional account. This is indicated by the “Protected” label in the top right corner of the browser. Caution: If not accessed with a professional account, the data will not be protected.
Desbloqueando el potencial de los Microsoft Copilot_Microsoft Copilot2_Itequia

Interacting with Microsoft Copilot

To start interacting with Microsoft Copilot, you need to launch prompts. A prompt is the question or instruction entered into the text box. Copilot will respond based on the content of the prompt.

Traditional searches rely on using keywords to get a list of sources. In this case, chatting with Copilot is based on using detailed questions or statements. The goal is to generate a personalized response for you.

You can use natural language; there’s no need to break down a sentence into keywords. Nevertheless, certain guidelines should be followed to enhance the effectiveness of prompts. Here are some examples, as shown in the following list:

Desbloqueando el potencial de los Microsoft Copilot_Microsoft Copilot Prompts_Itequia_Eng


Here is a series of useful prompt examples for your daily work:

Throughout your dayTry this:
During your day, when you have found several interesting articles and want to understand them quickly“Summarize this content.”
When you have gathered ideas from different web pages and want to write them in a report or email:“Write an email based on the following data.”
If you can’t find images for your presentation or documents:“Create an image like this…”
When you have found blogs or videos you are interested in learning something new from and want to ask questions about them:“Explain this…” or “What does this mean…”
If you have various articles with different perspectives on a topic and can’t make a decision:“Compare these two options in a table” or “Give me the Pros and Cons of these two options.”

Microsoft 365 Copilot 

We can think of Microsoft 365 Copilot as an assistant with AI technology integrated with Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 applications and services.

Here are some capabilities of this Copilot for the 5 most used applications of Microsoft 365:

Copilot in Teams 

  • Summarizing topics discussed in a meeting.
  • Summarizing opinions given by participants in a meeting.
  • Creating pros and cons for discussed topics in a meeting.
  • Supplying answers to specific questions such as ‘What decisions were made in the meeting?’
  • Creating questions for brainstorming.

In Outlook 

  • Creating email drafts.
  • Translating emails.
  • Summarizing long email threads.
  • Functionality to follow a meeting you can’t attend, notifying you of conclusions through a summary.

Copilot in Excel 

  • Reviewing, filtering, formatting, sorting, or even editing data using prompts.
  • Adding conditional formatting with prompts.
  • Creating charts from information using prompts.
  • Visualizing key ideas about the document.

In Word 

  • Extracting key information from a document.
  • Regenerating a document from new prompts.
  • Rewrite only the parts of the document that you are not convinced by.
  • Creating documents based on other documents.

Copilot in PowerPoint 

  • Identifying key points in a presentation.
  • Enhancing the impact of what you are conveying by organizing the sections.
  • Creating presentations from documents and prompts.
  • Providing consistent formatting and images. 

Dynamics 365 Copilot

Similar to Microsoft 365, Microsoft has launched Copilots integrated with Dynamics 365. Below are some capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service.

In Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Summarizing email threads of sales with “Save to CRM.”
  • Generating sales emails using AI.
  • Preparing sales meetings using CRM summaries.
  • Using AI in Teams meetings.
  • Analyzing the sentiment of meeting participants. 

In Dynamics 365 Customer Service

  • Formulating questions.
  • Creating email drafts.
  • Generating a chat response.
  • Summarizing cases and conversations.

Prepare Your Microsoft Tenant for the Arrival of Copilots

Below are the minimum requirements to access the mentioned Copilots:

ProductMinimum Requirements
Microsoft Copilot Licenses for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, F3, A3, or A5 for teachers, Business Standard, or Business Premium. Activate Copilot in the Tenant.
Dynamics 365 Copilot Licenses for Dynamics 365 Sales Premium or Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise for Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise for Customer Service. Activate Copilot in the Tenant and allow data processing outside our geographical region.
Microsoft 365 Copilot 300 or more licenses of Microsoft 365 E3 or E5. 300 or more Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses, one for each E3 or E5 license. Latest and updated versions of Microsoft 365 desktop applications. Allow connected experiences in Microsoft 365 privacy settings. Each user needs an account based on Microsoft Enter. To use it with OneDrive, Microsoft Loop, or Whiteboard, these must be activated in the Tenant. Currently, only available with EA (Enterprise Agreement).

On another note, it is especially important to use OneDrive to save any work files. OneDrive ensures the security of not losing files in case of problems with your computer and having all your work available in the cloud. The proper use of OneDrive allows Microsoft 365 Copilot to analyze all the user’s work and provide better responses.  

Oversharing and Microsoft Purview

Before using Microsoft 365 Copilot, ensure that you configure permissions and labels in the Tenant correctly. Incorrect settings may lead to ‘Oversharing,’ exposing confidential information to unauthorized users, such as the salary of the Sales Director when queried by an employee. Control the information to avoid problems.

It is advisable to use Microsoft Purview to set up the Tenant correctly. Microsoft Purview is a product that allows adding content classification labels (Microsoft 365 Copilot respects and inherits the assigned tags and permissions).

Desbloqueando el potencial de los Microsoft Copilot_Microsoft Purview_Itequia


At Itequia, we consider it crucial to position oneself in a constantly advancing world. To enhance productivity, it is essential to master the efficient use of Microsoft Copilots and make the most of their capabilities without overlooking details.

At Itequia, we train your teams in using these new tools. We help them understand the scope of Copilots, the synergies they can achieve in their daily routine, and create effective prompts.

We offer preliminary advice to prepare your infrastructure (tenant) and start with Copilots securely. Implementing Copilot involves not only purchasing licenses but also reviewing the permissions of your information. We are here to assist you at every step. Be cautious with confidential data.

If you want us to help you, you can contact us via email at hello@itequia.com or through the contact section on our website.

Nico García Fernández – Senior Product Owner at Itequia