How Almirall reinvents itself with SharePoint Online: A cloud success story where less is more


How Almirall reinvents itself with SharePoint Online: A cloud success story where less is more


Almirall is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on Medical Dermatology.  Thanks to pharmaceutical innovation, investment in R&D and a strong commitment to global health partnerships, it develops and markets solutions with a specific focus on dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, actinic keratosis, atopic dermatitis and acne. 

Over 1.800 employees make our treatments available in more than 70 countries on 5 continents, through 13 global subsidiaries and a network of strategic partnerships. 

The challenge we faced with Almirall lay in the transformation of its CMT (Contract Management Tool), a SharePoint 2013-based tool, which did not offer the advantages of the cloud or the advanced functionalities of the market. Moreover, it generated significant costs and functional limitations.

Itequia has demonstrated to be a valuable technological partner, bringing their expertise and skills, not only at a technical level but also in the adoption stage with our users, significantly aiding in the achievement of our objectives.

Almirall caso de éxito sharepoint online
Almirall’s CMT (Contract Management Tool).


The challenge: Modernization of the CMT platform

Almirall was faced with the need to transform its obsolete platform into a new, much more competitive version that met the company’s current needs.  

The challenge was to design and implement a new cloud platform with SharePoint Online. The new platform had to offer speed, security and scalability, as well as facilitate the integration of tools that would optimise collaboration and communication between teams, as well as optimal data analysis.  

The project was approached from the ground up, with simplicity as the starting point.  The main objective was to achieve standard product functionality, without incurring new licensing costs or additional development. The project sought to optimise the internal document management processes required by the company in a simplified way, avoiding complex functionalities that had proved inefficient in the first development.  


The solution: Simplicity as a starting point


Thanks to the collaboration with the Itequia team, Almirall was able to migrate all its documentation to SharePoint Online, a cloud solution that met the essential requirements of speed, security and scalability demanded by the client. 

Our proposal approach included the design of the new solution, the implementation and the training of Almirall’s users in the use of the new tool.


Before the design process, a detailed analysis of the functionalities offered by SharePoint Online was carried out, with the aim of incorporating those that were relevant to the client and discarding those that could complicate the final solution.

The result was a solution that was clean, simple and, most importantly, adapted to Almirall’s specific needs: to reduce costs and optimise internal document management processes. 



This project demonstrated conclusively that, in many cases, less is more and that simplicity can lead to significantly better results.  

The maintenance and updating of the solution is assured, avoiding the risk of being left with an obsolete and unsupported version.

It has increased the efficiency and productivity of its internal document management processes, taking advantage of the functionalities of SharePoint Online. 

Improve user experience and employee satisfaction by offering a faster, more secure platform that is compatible with all devices and browsers. 

Enhance collaboration and communication among its global teams.