DTM for Celsa Group: An intuitive application to optimize team task management


DTM for Celsa Group: An intuitive application to optimize team task management


For an organisation of the magnitude of CELSA Group, Europe’s leading producer of low-emission steel, it is essential to be able to optimise its processes and thus guarantee the quality, safety and efficiency of its services.

For this reason, the company required the development of a tool that would allow them to optimise communication between teams and the management of their workers’ tasks in an agile and effective way, thus replacing their old system, which was manual and impractical.


the challenge

The challenge for Itequia consisted of creating a digital application that would adapt to the specific needs of each team and production plant and that, in turn, would allow tasks to be assigned, controlled and scaled in an agile and efficient way.

A solution that would help to improve the productivity, quality and safety of its processes, thus fostering new habits of communication and collaboration between the different levels and areas of the organisation. And, therefore, the achievement of the standards of order and work set by the company. In this way, a much more consolidated team is created, focused on the objectives of continuous improvement.

DTM aplicación_Casos de éxito Itequia_Panel de reunión
Panel de reunión una vez creado.


the solution

In order to offer a competitive solution, the requirements defined by CELSA were exhaustively followed. This allowed us to develop the interactive and innovative solution they were looking for: DTM (Team management).

With DTM, the physical whiteboard used by the company was digitised. With this new digital version, the “posts-its” have become easily movable digital cards, facilitating the assignment, scaling and reassignment of tasks between teams and the relays that cover the shifts.


The solution also allows daily monitoring of indicator values that can be configured to record actions to be taken when an indicator deviates from its target.

Kanban of validation of actions for the different relays.

Another DTM functionality is the possibility of creating 5S Challenges at team level, with the idea of achieving specific objectives based on the assigned actions. In the 5S Challenges, an initial photo is taken of the zone or work area to be improved and, once the challenge has been achieved with the proposed tasks or actions, an “after” photo is added with the final result.

We can affirm that the application has made it possible to solve several organisational problems that existed between the different teams and shifts in CELSA’s production plants, positively transforming the way workers’ tasks are managed and communication between them.



DTM has significantly improved task management at Celsa’s production plants by replacing physical whiteboards with digital screens.

It has increased productivity, quality and process safety by facilitating the assignment, control and escalation of tasks.

It has improved communication and collaboration between different levels and areas of the organisation by enabling real-time sharing of information and files.

It has reduced the consumption of paper and other materials by digitising notes and post-its.

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