The UX in your company

What is UX (User Experience)?

The UX refers, as its name indicates, to the set of skills and experience that an employee / user acquires when completing a task or activity with a clear understanding of the applications and methods used to complete it.

To give a general example, let’s imagine that we have arrived in a city for the first time and we need public transport. We will have to find information on which method to use, at what time to start the journey, at what time we will arrive at our destination. Our ability to find this information as soon as possible and use it in the most effective way will determine our level of UX in relation to the public transport system, which can be useful for our visits to other cities.

We can therefore consider UX to be present in a large part of our daily activities: every task in our life requires an effort while we learn to handle the tools at our disposal.

We can say the same, of course, of our work environment. Companies, in order to be more competitive, seek new technologies to improve their services, helping both their employees and their customers to have more comfortable experiences that satisfy their needs and, if possible, do it at a lower cost and better than their competence.

An example of this are all the electronic devices that we use: tablets, smartphones, … All of them are increasingly used in business to streamline processes. For example, now you can take your records anywhere by saving them to an Excel sheet in the cloud.

What is the use of applying and improving the UX?

Here are some points to keep in mind when assessing whether you should implement UX in your company:

Trust building 

When a user wastes time trying to get a tool to work, but fails, they will become frustrated at the obvious loss of time. Next time, it will change tools and not use the old one again.

Applications without a good UX design can become very confusing to use. They can even set bad precedents with subsequent users.

Task optimization 

A user with a good UX experience spends less time getting to know an application and understanding how it works. The learning time when using a tool with a good level of UX is shorter, which gives more time to complete work tasks.

Cost reduction 

Good usability will make everything easier. That everything can be completed more easily, we can deduce that it will mean significant savings to the company.

Increase user satisfaction 

Having more satisfactory applications in use will improve the opinion of our users, which will increase the reputation of our brand. It will all help to make us known and it goes without saying that happy customers don’t just spend more, they bring in new customers.

Ease of find what you are looking for

When the information is correctly structured and ordered, it will not be difficult that, if a problem arises, we can solve it as soon as possible. On the client side, when everything is in order, your user experience will be much more pleasant and it will encourage you to return to our service.

Sales increase 

In electronic commerce it is very important that our purchase process is short, simple and careful (to avoid errors in the purchase). We must also ask for only the necessary data and keep the client informed at all times. UX is also learning to achieve all these steps by putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes and proving what we need. Any annoyance usually equates to the loss of a customer

User retention 

Users will stay longer on our website or application if it is comfortable for them while using it and find everything they need in the shortest time possible. The current goal of any business is to satisfy ALL the needs of its potential users. Why? These increasingly demand more personalized experiences to their tastes, which give them a feeling of exclusivity (even if it is not real). If you don’t attend to those needs, others will.

So should I apply more UX techniques in my workplace?

Now that we have listed all the advantages of approaching your work from the UX point of view, you are surely asking yourself that question. As you can imagine, our recommendation is that you do.

UX is key in our work and social environment: it has made our lives easier in many ways that so many companies, manufacturers and others have done at some point.

Why don’t you start applying it yourself? If it has worked for some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs, chances are good that it will help you too.

Marlon Castillo Ayala – UX Designer & Digital Specialist